Bohemian Story telling Tours is helping to keep Portland weird, with our unique take on the old walking tour. Since 2006, we have performed tours that weave together theater, storytelling, and bits of audience interaction, accompanied throughout by a live musical soundtrack. We currently offer three tours, any of which may be arranged for your group at our online reservations kiosk


Deep Water

Deep Water is the original Bohemian Storytelling Tour, which we have offered since 2006. The tour, in two acts, explores humankind’s relationship with water: whether a river is held captive by her bridge, and what to make of the life of a rain drop as it journeys from sky to sea. Walking along the downtown waterfront, we draw from literary sources including Rudyard Kipling, David Foster Wallace, and Billy Collins. The tour runs approximately two hours, and covers about a mile and half along the downtown waterfront. We have also devised a Deep Water “sitting tour” for those of our audience who have difficulty getting around on foot; featuring all of the music and stories of our original tour, but with limited walking. Click here for Video



Burnside: Menace to Society

Burnside: Menace to Society asks the hard questions: why is it that certain people are considered a menace? How have these people shaped Portland, and in particular, Burnside Street? And how do attitudes about who is a menace change over time? On this walk we travel along West Burnside, exploring its past as a refuge for the so-called menace, when it was lined with breweries and bars, brothels, immigrant communities, and ballrooms, and we consider who among us have been unjustly labelled the menace today. We examine the Burnside Couplet plan, and consider how that plan will change the face of our special street. Drawing on literary and musical sources including Katherine Dunn, Chuck Palahniuk, Tom Robbins, David Foster Wallace, John Prine, Cat Stevens, and Jimmy Hendrix, we honor Pan, fly our freak flags, and heckle the unfolding drama that happens in that part of the city. In the end, we celebrate the so-called menace who helps "keep Portland weird."


Happy Birthday Hawthorne

"In December 2010, the Hawthorne Bridge turned 100 years old. Our Happy Birthday Hawthorne tour celebrates the centennial birthday of that bridge, the oldest large-scale vertical lift bridge in the world!" What if Hawthorne had kept its old name,Asylum Street? How would the Asylum Bridge differfrom the one we know and love? What makes the Hawthorne Bridge "the living room bridge"? And why is this, our oldest bridge, the most forward-looking one of all? Ponder these and other questions with us as we walk over and under the Hawthorne Bridge.Click here for Videohme